The Polish Bank Association (ZBP)

Self-government organization of banks, established in 1991, founded on the  Chambers of Commerce Charter. Membership in the ZBP is voluntary and open for all  banks created under the Polish law as well as for foreign credit institutions branches  operating  in the Republic of Poland.

The statutory tasks of the Association include: + rozwiń

Banking infrastructure institutions founded on initiative of and in cooperation with the Polish Bank Association: + rozwiń

Within the Association there are  numerous consultative committees, councils,  task forces and other bodies.  Their objective is to  develop and issue opinions and positions in matters determining the correct operation of the Polish banking system.

Major bodies operating within The Polish Bank Association: + rozwiń

The Association of Polish Banks is a member of the European Banking Federation ( /since 1992/, the ICC Poland /since 2000/, the International Association of Banking Security / since1997/ and the European Payments Council ( /since 2002/.


The Polish Banks Association is a founder of the prestigious journalistic Marian Krzak award intended for journalists and publicists dealing with the banking issues, and a co-founder of the Marian Kanton award for the best Master and Doctoral thesis in banking, with particular consideration of inter-bank settlements.

In 2000 and 2003, the Association was granted the Alice Award for all its activities, for establishing the institution of the Banking Ombudsman, and for the Campaign for Direct Debit. The ZBP  has also received the “European Pearl” award for the institutional input in the promotion of the European idea in Poland, and in particular for the creation of the Polish banking infrastructure.

The Banker’s Club in Warsaw ( is managed by the Association.

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